Life Challenges

Life Challenges

On-going changes of life can be exciting and fun but also difficult to adjust to. Knowing how best to
deal with these life challenges emotionally and practically can be hard to figure out.
Now a days we have identified additional adjustments to manage due to family, society, finances and
restricted resources.

Young adults are unable to move out and leave home due to high rents or mortgage restriction as well
as mental and physical health. Three generations are living together creating challenges in parenting,
roles and relationships.

Parenting has many magic moments and heart-warming times yet there are additional stresses
weather parenting alone, staying at home or working long hours and juggling work expectations.
Learning to parenting is a lifelong challenge that with some support can be negotiated more smoothly.
Encouraging our adolescence to explore their identity, become dependent and form caring
relationships while also holding boundaries of home rules and consistency to ensure their wellbeing
and safety is a challenging balancing act.

As our children continue growing so to do we. Support parents in later life, managing changes in
dynamics, coordinating appointments and coping with the sadness and loss that we all experiences is
part of the life cycle and a space to discuss how you in a confidential and non-judgmental place can
support you in feeling better able to cope.

Changing relationships, retirement, grandchildren and managing our own mental and physical health
provide moment of joy, insight and pride yet when we are unsure how best to adjust additional
information and insight creating alternative ways to think about things can be beneficial as we re-
evaluate our own sense of identity, purpose and fun.

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