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Naas Family and Play Therapy Service was established out of an understanding that families experience difficulties at different times and transitions in life. We provide families with support and additional understanding, knowledge and skills to overcome these difficulties. The approaches used, look at ways of solving problems by focusing on the positives within each family and identifying changes that can be made to reduce stress and improve relationships.

I would like to thank you for your on-going support to the young person I am working with. Since this young person has engaged with yourself there has been observable progress for this young person being able to feel safe and engage in a therapeutic process, feel they have a safe place to discuss various issues and challenges they are dealing with and to look at healthier ways of managing their anxieties, difficulties and develop healthier coping skills. It is observable this support has assisted with this young person’s engagement with other supports in a more positive and healthy way and has been able to achieve a better sense of stability and security.

Guardian ad Litem for a young person

Feedback from families referred by me to NFPTS has been so positive. Clients have shared about feeling comfortable and at ease on introductions. Clients have shared that they experienced professionals taking a keen interest in their story and listening to what they had to tell. Clients have shared that they experienced empathy and understanding of their personal struggles and challenges from the NFPTS team and most importantly never felt judged by them.
I would highly recommend NFPTS to individuals and families who find themselves in need of support and intervention and know that you will be well cared for and looked after in your journey of discovery. As a fellow practitioner I trust NFPTS and know you will too if you take the next step!

Catherine Boonstra Coordinator Naas Child and Family Project June 2018

I’ll always remember you can’t pour from an empty cup!!! Thank you so much for all your help, support, advice and for listening. I really appreciate it, you have guided me in the right direction and given little insights to help me on my way.

Lady in her 50s, losing their home due to her husband’s chronic bad health

Lady in her 50s, losing their home due to her husband’s chronic bad health

Thank you so much! What a magnificent journey our daughter has made over the past 15 months since she met you. We are incredibly proud of her and the progress she has made but we know that you had no small her hand in this. Despite the fact that she tells us very little we are assured that she is doing well and has learned vital skills to enable her to move forward. We are deeply grateful for your commitment and positivity mostly for your self-belief that you have installed in her.

Parents whose son died by suicide

On behalf of the whole family we would like to say a big hearted thank you, for helping putting our family back together. It is been a long road, but we think, we found our way towards the right path in which we need to go forward. Personally your support and advice has been greatly appreciate it.

Couple and family that attended having had years of conflict

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Areas We Specialise In

Family Challenges

Family Challenges

Family life does not always run smoothly, Family Therapy can help family members better understand and support each other. Families face many challenges such as parenting, relationships within blended families, separation, divorce and gender identity. Therapy can explore these and other issues individually from different perspectives or with all members of the family to gain an understanding and appreciation of each other’s experiences, views and needs. Families can then build on family strengths and work together to make useful changes in their relationships and their lives.

Parenting Psychology

School Difficulties

Where school becomes a difficulty for a family member (bullying, school refusal, behavioural problems) this can have a negative impact on the whole family and cause distress. Therapy can work with the family and the school to obtain an understanding of the difficulties the young person may be experiencing and use interventions to address the issues.

When Social media is involved, we provide a practical educational option by Michael Moran facilitating workshops for parents, young people & schools.  This collaborative & multidisciplinary approach with all involved as well as incorporating therapeutic interventions when bullying takes place has proven to be extremely successful.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

We see our mental health to be as important as our physical health. Just as with our physical health, we need to understand how to mind ourselves and when difficulties occur attend the relevant professionals to seek information, clarity and support. Unfortunately social stigma, lack of clear information and a belief that we should be able to cope can all stand in the way of people gaining the supports they need that reduce prolonged distress and bring about recovery.

Good mental health and well being allows us to live a wholehearted life, connecting with others, feeling confident and content with energy and motivation. Investing in our mental health is proven to reduce health problem, and improve quality of life, quality of relationships, career progression as well as internal and external ways of coping.

Relational Difficulties

Relational difficulties occur within all context, the merging of people and their family’s beliefs can raise challenges. How we grow up and the relationships we have, influence our beliefs and how we interact with others. Life stress, changes in situations and/or unresolved pass experiences can all contribute to relational difficulties and conflicts.

Managing conflict is part of being in a relationship yet when we don’t have the skills and insights we need, small things can become difficult and can cause
distress. Our Family Therapists are uniquely qualified and trained to work with couples on relationship issues. Creating emotional connections within a safe environments supports couples to understand their own behaviours and find ways to name their emotional needs.

Family smiling

Healthy Life Balance

You can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s a common saying and yet many of us don’t know how to or fail to prioritise our own needs or mind ourselves. We put others needs first, family, friends or work. We don’t take time to consider or we don’t know what drives us to think, feel and act in healthy and unhealthy ways.
Exploring our values and needs by learning what they are and how to meet them is a huge step towards finding balance and wellbeing. Understanding our needs and what we value can support us in lifestyle changes that bring about a healthy balance in our busy lives.
Considering your needs when making decisions is easier when you know what they are. Incorporating self-care into your everyday routines can reduce the risk of developing negative or maladaptive coping strategies in times of stress. It can also benefit you and your family’s physical and emotional well-being. A healthy life balance allows you all to thrive in school, university, work, relationships and life.
Anxiety & Worry


There are many types of trauma, these range from one off shock incidents like an assault or car accident to experiencing an abusive relationship and/or growing up in an environment where your needs were not met resulting in developmental or complex trauma.

Working therapeutically with developmental and shock trauma requires overlapping but different sets of skills. Individuals that have experienced either types of shock can present similarly. Both individuals may be anxious, depressed, disassociated, self loathing, and suffer from diverse physical symptoms.

At Naas Family and Play Therapy Service, we understand the difference ways trauma impacts people of all ages.  We use a range of evidence based approaches to address the complexities and varying distress experienced.

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“Many factors contribute to an effective therapy but two key elements are essential.
The first is engagement, the second is continuity.
Engagement with the therapy requires a degree of determination.
The result is a relationship between the therapist and the individual seeking recovery”.
Dr Jim Lucy, The Life Well Lived.

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