Psychological problems can be precipitated in response to a clear stressor or a build-up of life stresses, as in some cases of depression and anxiety. Acute life stresses may include a range of experiences such as loss, financial difficulty, illness and redundancy. Psychological problems can also be triggered by lifecycle transitions such as having children, family conflict, separation or divorce, forming a new family, parental decline.

A systemic approach seeks to explore how psychological problems are maintained within relationships, family, marriage and the wider social network and agencies. Systemic Psychotherapy can help you explore patterns of interactions, communication, behaviours, beliefs and wider social systems that may be maintaining psychological difficulties.

Psychological problems that are seen in clinical practice include depression and anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, complex trauma, coping with chronic pain, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia, health anxiety eating disorders and addictive behaviours.

All of the therapists in Naas Family Play Therapy Service are informed by psychological theory and research and have a great deal of experience of working in clinical practice with various psychological difficulties. In addition to this, practice is informed by research in interpersonal neurobiology to explore how specific psychological difficulties such as depression, anxiety and addictive behaviours develop in a wider context of attachment and relationship.  

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