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Welcome to Naas Family & Play Therapy Service. We offer a range of therapy options with our team of specialist therapists. Some of our services include family therapy, play in therapy, child & adolescent therapy & group work. Please scroll to the relevant therapy service below & click "read more" for additional information.
Family Therapy

Family Therapy, also known as Systemic Family Psychotherapy, enables individuals, couples and others in close relationships to safely explore emotional and interpersonal problems and make meaningful changes in their lives.The problems people often bring to psychotherapy include relationship and parenting issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, substance misuse, child or adolescent behaviour, loss and a range of other difficulties.

Parenting Psychology
Play in Therapy

Playful and creative approaches in family therapy can direct the focus away from the child as a problem. When adults and children collaborate actively, play is a mutual friend. All families are unique and so are children, our approach is to work with the family and each child at their level where creativity can play a very important role, sometimes children find it easier to tell their story through the medium of art, whether by drawing, painting, acting/role play or writing. Conversations that arise from the family partaking in creative interventions can shape new realities by reframing negative behaviours.

Child & Adolescent
Child & Adolescent

We meet with the parent(s) as part of the initial assessment for child & adolescent therapy and then meet the child /young person. This initial meeting allows those involved to explore the reason for attending, and plan how best to proceed. We integrate an in-depth knowledge of child development (biological, psychological, emotional, social, and linguistic), and awareness of the particular dependency and vulnerability of children and young people, into our practice.

Family Challenges
Group Work

Naas Family & Play Therapy Service offers a range of group work programmes for children and parents.


Psychological problems can be precipitated in response to a clear stressor or a build-up of life stresses, as in some cases of depression and anxiety. Acute life stresses may include a range of experiences such as loss, financial difficulty, illness and redundancy. Psychological problems can also be triggered by lifecycle transitions such as having children, family conflict, separation or divorce, forming a new family, parental decline.

Training & Workshops

Naas Family and Play Therapy Service was established out of an understanding that families experience difficulties at different times and transitions in life. We provide families with support and additional understanding, knowledge and skills to overcome these difficulties. The approaches used, look at ways of solving problems by focusing on the positives within each family and identifying changes that can be made to reduce stress and improve relationships.

Family Walk
Parenting Supports


Therapist Talking

As family therapists, we work systemically believing that the central focus should be upon the system rather than the individual. We take a consistent view that difficulties do not arise within individuals but in relationships, as in couple interaction and language that develops between individuals.

Individual Therapy

Our sense of who we are is intimately associated with our relationships. When relationships do not give us what we need, we lose our sense of comfort and confidence about the person that we are. When relationships go seriously wrong, powerful psychological process come to operate. Often not in full awareness, and often with unwanted consequences. (AFT 2011) When there is a change in any individual member of the family, others in the family system are affected. (Liddle, 1995).

I would like to thank you for your on-going support to the young person I am working with. Since this young person has engaged with yourself there has been observable progress for this young person being able to feel safe and engage in a therapeutic process, feel they have a safe place to discuss various issues and challenges they are dealing with and to look at healthier ways of managing their anxieties, difficulties and develop healthier coping skills. It is observable this support has assisted with this young person’s engagement with other supports in a more positive and healthy way and has been able to achieve a better sense of stability and security.

Guardian ad Litem for a young person

Feedback from families referred by me to NFPTS has been so positive. Clients have shared about feeling comfortable and at ease on introductions. Clients have shared that they experienced professionals taking a keen interest in their story and listening to what they had to tell. Clients have shared that they experienced empathy and understanding of their personal struggles and challenges from the NFPTS team and most importantly never felt judged by them.
I would highly recommend NFPTS to individuals and families who find themselves in need of support and intervention and know that you will be well cared for and looked after in your journey of discovery. As a fellow practitioner I trust NFPTS and know you will too if you take the next step!

Catherine Boonstra Coordinator Naas Child and Family Project June 2018

I’ll always remember you can’t pour from an empty cup!!! Thank you so much for all your help, support, advice and for listening. I really appreciate it, you have guided me in the right direction and given little insights to help me on my way.

Lady in her 50s, losing their home due to her husband’s chronic bad health

Lady in her 50s, losing their home due to her husband’s chronic bad health


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