How can we get our upset 13-year-old to talk to us?

Credit: John Sharry of the Irish Times Q My 13-year-old daughter seems to be going through a hard time at the moment. She can fly off the handle and gets into big rows with me and especially her dad over the simplest things (like when he asks her to tidy her room) and then she says “everyone hates me”. Maybe…

I resent my husband for my mental and emotional load

Credit: Trish Murphy, Irish Times Q I know I shouldn’t complain, but it i s my anger and frustration I’m worried about. We all have busy lives, but I do resent the fact that I am the one constantly with the three kids while my husband is off playing his favourite sport . He doesn’t bother even checking with me…

Brendan O’Connor on the simple solution to our failing mental health system

Credit: This article appeared on the, 24/06/18. Four-year-olds are self-harming, doctors are quitting, Tusla is a disaster area, but here’s one modest suggestion to break the cycle, says Brendan O’Connor. It’s a sunny day and I don’t want to depress you. But I want to draw your attention to some strands of a quiet crisis, some niggling things that keep…

A Parent’s Guide to Dealing With Fortnite

Understanding the appeal and setting boundaries Rachel Ehmke is managing editor at the Child Mind Institute. Now that school’s out, our thoughts turn to beaches, pools, hiking trails and barbecues. But if you have children from about nine to college age, it’s a good bet their summer fantasies involve more time to play Fortnite. Kids of all ages are obsessively…

Why Kids Lie and What Parents Can Do About It

How to help kids find honest alternatives to bending the truth. Beth Arky is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer and editor covering parenting, health and children’s learning and developmental issues, including autism. Call them fibs, whoppers or straight-up untruths: However you label them, kids are likely to lie somewhere along the way. While a younger child may conjure up an elaborate…


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